Head of Business Development

Toucan Toco is hiring!


Toucan Toco communicates contextualised and actionable insights to untrained business users, no matter their data literacy levels or device used, and without the need for training, coding or design skills, or hardware requirements.

Toucan is the first analytics platform to include a built-in UX that packages the best practices of design and storytelling for the sake of speed of deployment, consistent clarity and unconditional accessibility; leading to some of the highest adoption rates in the industry and record-breaking deployment times.

From 4 associates to 115 collaborators in 5 years, they are self financed until 2019 thanks to more dans 140 key accounts such as Renault, Total, Credit Agricole Marques Avenue, LVMH, Euler Hermes, DCNS, SNCF, MoëtHenessy.

Job Description

What if you lead a successful Business Development team, and help change the usage of Data in Key Accounts thanks to Toucan Toco's Data Storytelling?

You lead and work with 5 Sales Development Representatives, both Inbound & Outbound.
You operate in the whole Europe, particularly in France, UK and NL and will participate to open new countries.

Our average Sales Cycle lasts 3-months, is ‘High touch’, and develops 5-6 figures ARR contracts.

You’re accountable for transforming Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Opportunities hence growing the ARR for new business and expansion.


Your goals are to:

  • Hit the Opportunities Targets for New Business and for Expansion in our existing accounts
  • Energizes: Provides the daily routine that gives people the energy to get things done
  • Coaches: Provides reviews of the call and messages sent by the SDR
  • Orchestrate the lead process & increase conversion rates at each step.

We expect you:

  • Provide Daily Feedback on initial conversation and qualification calls with each SDR
  • Apply a documented Lead Process & Plays to industrialize this part of the funnel.
  • Be Data-driven and monitor closely the analytics at all the steps sales funnel
  • Inspire and Train the SDR to improve their selling skills and increase our conversion Rates
  • Make a strong connection with the Marketing Team to use the right marketing material at each stage of the Sales Process and provide Feedback to improve the quality of the leads provided.


  • Perfect timing to make a place for yourself in a growing organisation
  • You are very autonomous, your initiatives are greatly encouraged & supported
  • You interact with a wide range of prospects in different industries with different implementation use-cases, talking to C-level to staff, from IT to Line of Business.
  • You’re in a key position to guarantee the success of the company


  • Caring Organisation, healthy and simple atmosphere
  • Package : Fix & Variable salary scaled on the experience

Preferred Experience


  • You have 5+ years experience in B2B Sales environment
  • You already lead a successful business development team
  • You are able to review both English and French Calls: you are bilingual
  • You have grown in dynamic and successful sales environment
  • You have developped conversations with both IT and Business prospects
  • You’re obsessed with perfect sales execution


  • Pragmatic and resourceful,you're a “doer" = you do things, quick and well. Even if you have to correct it afterwards.
  • You know how to over-execute if you’re below targets at some point
  • Creative, curious and autonomous, you are ambitious and want to participate to a start-up growth
  • You want to progress in the contact of performing individuals
  • You use Digital Tools efficiently

Recruitment Process


  • By clicking on the big “Apply” button ‘Welcome to the jungle’
  • Perfect English and French are mandatory.


Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75017)
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Occasional remote authorized